Adult Programs

adult programsOur programs address the new challenges of an interconnected, global society.

Often co-sponsored with other NGO’s or community groups, our adult programs offer a wide variety of educational opportunities including cultural tours, visits to museums and religious sites, videos and film screenings on interfaith topics, author lectures and panel events.

The Cultural Understanding and the Abrahamic Traditions Project (CUATP)

This new multi-part videotaped series, Children of Abraham, A Cultural Mosaic, explores the influence and impact of the Abrahamic Traditions on all aspects of modern Western culture to create greater awareness and acceptance across all ethnicities and traditions.  Each 30 minute program will take participants on a vivid journey of the innovations of the Diaspora; celebrate the shared cultural heritage and influence of the traditions; and transform the viewer’s understanding about the communities affiliated with the patriarch Abraham—Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Coming Spring 2013: Food and Architecture.

Biennial Film Screenings

In co-sponsorship with Hartley Film Foundation, screenings of films on religion, culture, ecology and spirituality are offered to the public. Upcoming events include a screening of Outside the Box, on November 28, at Auburn Theological Seminary – Stewart Room.