UN Programs

Fifty-five years of service to the global community through our work at the United Nations.

Representatives to the UN follow meetings and commissions through the year. They attend DPI Weekly Briefings, Planning Committee for DPI Conferences, World Interfaith Harmony Week, as well as the Commissions sponsored by UN Agencies, e.g. the Status of Women, Sustainable Development, Population and Development, Human Rights, and the Indigenous Peoples Forum, among many other meetings. Representatives organize Side Events during major conferences and submit consultative papers as required by their ECOSOC status.


Our NGO Work at the United Nations

Here are some highlights of events and issues that we are involved with:

  • The Pope on the environment and climate change:  even before his climate change encyclical, forthcoming in June,  the Pope is releasing comments on environmental responsibility.  Religious activists are preparing to leverage his potentially game-changing statement, and it will factor in the UN General Assembly in September and the Paris COP21 meeting in December.
  • The UN is now forming a multifaith body to advise on ending religious violence.  The two day preliminary session for this was held in April- this is groundbreaking for the UN.
  • There are plans in the works for major religious involvement in the
  • COP21 Paris  meeting in December, basically pilgrimages from around the world culminating in Paris just before the meeting, in a direct attempt to influence it, although as a political negotiation the time for influence is well in advance of the actual event. Social media is being leveraged for faith-based input from around the globe.
  • Human Right to water is of crucial concern with direct advocacy at the UN by the Mining Working Group, working with the major water advocacy organizations, and networked with the international women’s rights organizations.

Focus on Women


Interfaith Consortium for Ecological Civilization (ICEC)

As a consortium of religious and secular organizations dedicated to ecological civilization, ICEC’s organizing partners are the Temple of Understanding, GreenFaith, the Forum of Religion and Ecology at Yale University, and the International Communities for the Renewal of the Earth, in consultation with the New York office of the United Nations Environmental Program. The mission of ICEC is to facilitate a dialogue among the various sectors of society on ecological civilization, gather wisdom from this dialogue that will inspire and guide individuals and social transformations, and lead in the transition to an ecological civilization.

Science, Ecology and Faith Series

Hosted by ICEC, a series of speaker or panel events has been held monthly in partnership with other NGO’s and UN Agencies focusing on climate change and sustainable development and the important role of the interfaith community as a catalyst for change.

UN Summer Intensive Internship Program

This intensive six week summer immersion program at the UN is facilitated by trained educators, NGO representatives and distinguished guests. Students, ages 16 to 21, have access to General Assembly and Security Council meetings, interviews with UN Agency staff and engage in peer dialogues on global issues. They are required to research and present a report on a chosen issue related to the Millennium Development Goals.