9th Biennial Juliet Hollister Awards

The 2006 Hollister Award Honorees are:

Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Venerable Dr. Yifa

Venerable Dr. Yifa

Distinguished Presenters were:

Prince Chahram Pahlavi, Art collector, curator and designer of many fine museums around the world, and activist for the environment

Diana Calthorpe Rose, co-founder and President of the Garrison Institute.

Dr. Robert Staffanson, founder of the American Indian Institute

  • Master of Ceremony: Daljit Dhaliwal
  • Music provided by Arn Chorn Pond, Jeff Dyer, Itamar
  • Zorman, Netanel Draiblate, and The Silver Cloud Singers

Hollister Awards

12th Biennial Juliet Hollister Awards Ceremony

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Juliet Hollister Award presented to Ela Gandhi

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2010 Juliet Hollister Awards Ceremony

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