Bonifacio Machacca Florez,  Q’ero Pampamasayok, PeruBonifacio Machacca Florez is an Andean Master of Light, he is considered a Pampa misayoq (a special person who is able to talk with the spirits of the Andean mountains). He was born into the ancient Andean community named Qocha Moqo, which is one of the tribes of the Incan Q’eros Nation, in Peru. Bonifacio Machacca Florez, was trained since childhood by his grandparents and parents who are healers using traditional Andean herbs and spiritual ways. When he was 24 years old, he was recognized as an Andean Master in the community. Bonifacio’s spiritual work involves making Andean offerings, reading coca leaves, “soul clearing” and many different healing activities. He is also responsible for making offerings and worshiping the sacred sources of life around his settlement such as the Huamanlipa, Huayruruni, Foqoni, kKuchiyoq and Calvario mountains, as well the Qata Cocha, Isla Qocha and Qochaqochayoq lagoons, which provide water to his community.

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