We are honored to announce Eda Zavala Lopez will be offering a keynote address from the Amazon, Peru at the FORUM2020. Lopez is a Peruvian shaman-curandera, sociologist and environmental-social activist working and living deep in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. She is a direct descendant of Wari and Ashaninka People from the Amazon. In December 2014 she was awarded by the Ministry of Environment in Peru for her profound commitment to Indigenous People from the Amazon Jungle to protect their sacred territories and pristine forests. Eda is a Cultural Ambassador on behalf of Impact A Village that funds her projects in Peru. Eda is also working with the Rainforest Amazon Network, an American NGO, that supports her work with the Indigenous Shawi People. www.theshawiproject.com She is a healer that connects with the spirits of the plants and she is an activist that works to preserve Indigenous knowledge and empower Indigenous People. In the last 10 years Eda has participated in several venues around the US and participated in 2010, 2017 and 2018 at the United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues. 

Please join us on Friday October 16 from 10am-1pm EST, for the free event focusing on the climate emergency. For the 3 min clip and full length interview, to register for the event, and to see the full program please go to our website: www.TemplofUnderstanding.org under FORUM2020.

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