Temple of Understanding shares the Global Action to Prevent War Blog

The United Nations is a complicated place, and doing advocacy work in these halls is a busy and complex job.  Collaborations are essential, such as relying on the writing of others to fill in on the larger picture, particularly when opportunities for contributions are in side events.  Dr Robert Zuber writes a weekly blog for Global Action to Prevent War that is deeply based on values shared by the Temple of Understanding.

Read his thoughts on the recent high-level General Assembly, entitled Island Get-Away: Heeding the Call of the Climate- Vulnerable.

Human Rights Discourse

Learn about the challenges of diplomacy and the human rights abuses of member states in multilateral settings.
Sin City: The Uses and Misuses of Human Rights Discourse.

Dr Zuber dedicates this blog to the ” young voices of clarity and purpose in our midst and this is dedicated to their impact, current and potential.”  Youth Group: Passing the Torch on Climate Health.

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