“The pandemic is the final straw for millions of people already struggling with the impact of conflict, climate change, inequality, and a broken food system that has impoverished millions of food producers and workers. Meanwhile, those at the top are continuing to make a profit; eight of the biggest food and drink companies paid out over 80 million to shareholders… the big technology giants walked away with trillions, 14 trillion by further destroying the food system. So we are in a literal food emergency and this emergency is fueling new ways of making more money out of hunger.”

Excerpt from Vandana Shiva’s talk on the World Food Emergency held online on Feb 12, 2021, as a part of the Temple of Understanding ECO JUSTICE FOR ALL Speaker Series.

Please see the full 1.5 hour talk with Dr.Vandana Shiva and Q&A with Temple of Understanding, UN Representative, Grove Harris here:

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