Dr. Wanjiru Kamau is a Kenyan born educator and social activist with a philosophical grounding in multiculturalism and gender equity.  She holds a doctorate in Counselor and Health Education from Pennsylvania State University, and diplomas in Mediation and Intercultural Communication. She has extensive experience in Counseling, Teaching, Consulting and Diversity Training.  She holds leadership positions, awards and honorary appointments. Kamau is the founder of African Immigrant & Refugees Foundation (AIRF) a nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate the effective transition of the African immigrants to the American society and to support their productive and sustainable integration into their new homeland. Dr. Kamau’s publications are on Identity, women’s health and indigenous knowledge. She has produced two videos: Kuumithio Rites of passage and a Child of Two Worlds, and a Book The Tapestry of Menopause by Agikuyu women is in the press. Kamau is passionate about creating peace based on UBUNTU. www.airfound.org

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