EJFA interview with Simon Lamb

Junglenomics: Nature’s Solutions to the World Environment Crisis

In this latest ECO JUSTICE FOR ALL Interview, British environmental policy designer, Simon Lamb, explains his theory of Junglenomics and principles of the Ecosystem Economics Paradigm. He puts forth a practical blueprint for managing and reversing the rapid decline of our planet.
Simon Lamb lives in Dorset, UK and is a countryman and passionate conservationist. He was educated at Wellington College, Berkshire, studying maths, languages, and economics. He began his working career in finance and later became founder/CEO of a successful art business. Simon is now also an author and environmental policy designer. He has devoted a great deal of time to the study of evolution, human development, and technology-driven market economics in the context of their combined impact on the natural world and human society. His prize-winning book, Junglenomics: Nature’s Solutions to the World Environment Crisis (2017) represents the culmination of the insights gained through this study into the underlying causes of the world environment crisis, and presents a unified plan to address it based on the workings of ecosystems. Simon is an economics and environment policy committee member of the IUCN, and a member of Lambda Alpha International (The Land Economics Society). He lives in Dorset, UK. Website: junglenomics.com
Simon Lamb will be speaking with Stephanie Barger, Director,TRUE – U.S. Green Building Council, California, USA; Holly Elmore, Founder and CEO, Environmental Impact, Florida, USA and Tim Trefzer, VP, Sports and Venue Sustainability, Honeycomb Strategies, Atlanta, USA at our next ECO JUSTICE FOR ALL Dialogue

Environmental Stewardship: The Business Perspective

May 25, 2023, 10 – 11 AM ET

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