Dr. Erin Lothes Biviano will be joining the “Women in Leadership on the Environment” panel at the FORUM2020 next week on Friday Oct 16. Erin Lothes, PhD is a theologian at Saint Elizabeth University, Morristown, New Jersey. She is a researcher in the field of energy ethics, and a scholar of the faith-based environmental movement.  Dr. Lothes served as an Earth Institute Fellow at Columbia University; her research during this interdisciplinary postdoctorate analyzed environmental advocacy at diverse American congregations for her book Inspired Sustainability: Planting Seeds for Action (Orbis 2016).  She is also author of The Paradox of Christian Sacrifice: The Loss of Self, the Gift of Self (Herder and Herder, 2007).  

Please join us on Friday October 16 from 10am-1pm EST, for the free event focusing on the climate emergency. Watch a 3 min clip or the full length interview of our Temple of Understanding interview. Learn about the other speakers and about the FORUM2020


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