We are pleased to announce  Clayton Harvey will be joining our panel titled “Faith-Based Farming in the United States” at FORUM2021 Sacred Food ~ Blessed Earth Online September 9th, 2021.

Clayton Harvey, 5th generational farmer, using gained Ancestral knowledge, meshed with modern-day garden techniques, Farmer Clayton is committed to educating, growing and fostering young Apache Farmers on the Fort Apache Reservation in East central Arizona. Clayton was born and raised on White Mountain Apache Reservation, he is a descendant of the legendary Chief Alchesay (A-1), the last hereditary of the White Mountain Band and a recipient of the Medal of Honor for the capture and surrender of Geronimo. Alchesay left a legacy of farming that Clayton continues today.

FORUM2021 Sacred Food ~ Blessed Earth explores the ancient, respectful and regenerative ways of farming practices and our spiritual relationship to food by focusing on the Earth as an interconnected web of life. A moral and spiritual voice is essential in the transition away from the industrialized, fossil fuel and chemical intensive, global agriculture system which is degrading our Earth, contributing to the climate crisis and to the extinction of species, as well as creating severe health issues for all living beings. 

FORUM2021 is a call to all spiritual and religious leaders and activists for a return to local, biodiverse organic food systems which regenerate soil, water and biodiversity while providing healthy sustenance for all. 

Free registration opens on July 6, 2021. Donations welcome!

#Support local farmers, support your health, protect the Earth


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