“I often don’t understand a painting’s process until a title reveals itself to me. This was especially true with ‘Fukushima: More to Come’. The piece was created more than 2 years after the disaster. The title actually shocked me as I remembered the situation and feeling of dread and hopelessness about the after effects of the nuclear poisoning that will spread and last into the future. In the painting there are the three containment units at the edge of the sea. There is the black ink traveling through the earth and out to sea  like contaminated  water. There is a orange sun that seems burdened and constrained by a wire netting. Are the blue circles the sad souls of people who have lost their piece of heaven on earth?  Perhaps…”

—artist Lee Brock

The Fukushima nuclear crisis goes beyond words, so we begin with art.

The Temple of Understanding, in line with our efforts to grow consciousness and expand education, appreciates art as a vehicle for approaching the challenges of our world, whether it’s dealing with natural or man-made disasters, or appreciating a different religious perspective on the sacred.

Public concerns over the ongoing hazards at the Fukushima nuclear power plant are being brought to the UN through civil society efforts. The Temple of Understanding is part of a newly formed working group that includes organizations such as Peace Boat USHuman Rights Now, and Physicians for Social Responsibility as well as individual activists with a wide network of connections.  We are joining together to continue educating the public and acting for a nuclear-free future in terms of both energy and weapons.

On September 15th the event “Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer” took place at the Church Center at the United Nations, from 10 am to noon, at 777 UN Plaza, 2nd Floor,  E. 44th St and 2nd Avenue, NYC.  This session included:

  •     Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education
  •     Pradeep Indulkar (Filmmaker)
  •     Leona Morgan of Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment
  •     A speaker from Physicians for Social Responsibility
  •     Tim Judson of Nuclear Information and Resource Service as moderator.
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