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Our colleagues at UN Women have asked that we share this with you:

As a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people now find themselves  indoors. Gender inequalities, particularly of women in the home, are becoming increasingly apparent when it comes to housework, cleaning and caring for children, the sick or the elderly.

In responding to the outbreak, women make up 70 per cent of workers in the health and social sector and do three times as much unpaid care work at home as men. Women are in the lead  across the world as front-line responders, health care professionals, scientists, doctors and more. The #HeForSheAtHome campaign aims to highlight this unfair burden on women and encourage  men to do their equal share.

In providing useful tools and tips, the #HeForSheAtHome campaign seeks to inspire men to help balance the burden in their households. Whether its learning to use that new vacuum cleaner, or the game you play when washing the dishes, we want to hear your stories. In sharing these  stories of positive male role models from all over the world, we hope to inspire many more to do their fair share.

Send your stories to or share on social media and tag us @HeForShe with the hashtag #HeForSheAtHome .

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