Hei Kiu

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Hei Kiu is an 18-year-old Chinese-Portuguese philosophy enthusiast with a passion in East Asian politics. She discovered her interest in international relations from her extensive MUN experiences, having participated and won numerous university-level conferences, both local and overseas.

However, it also prompted her to question: To what extent can we decide the future by a single resolution for those we have never even met? She decided to take action and listen to the voices of those in the peripheries of her community and co-founded a non-governmental organization, “I Am Not A Criminal (INC),” to address the issues refugees are facing in Hong Kong. Collaborating with UNHCR, Justice Centre, and more civil society organizations, INC successfully made an impact by giving refugees 300 “bags of hope.” This made Hei Kiu realize that the UN cannot drive change alone – it is with the help of NGOs, governments and the community that lives can be transformed. Extending on this realization, she wishes to help more communities in the future by bridging the gap between NGOs and the UN, and the partnership between the UN and the Temple of Understanding is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

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