Help the Yawanawa fight the Amazon forest fires

We recommend this opportunity to directly help people on the ground in their struggle to preserve land and prevent forest fire in the Brazilian rain forest. Our colleagues at Tribal Link Foundation offered a great side event during the recent U.N. General Assembly, entitled

“North and South: Two Indigenous Leaders on Nature, Forest, and Climate” with Chief Tashka Yawanawa and Chief Hawk Storm.

Director Pamela Kraft writes

Following the moving account by Chief Tashka and his wife Laura of the grave dangers posed to his tribe from both the raging fires in his homeland and the hostility of the current Brazilian government toward its indigenous populations, we have gotten questions from many of you about how to help the Yawanawa during this crisis.
Chief Tashka had asked for help battling the fires in August, sowe started an emergency fundraising campaign then.  We’re closing the gap, but not quite there yet; they still need the items in the budget below.

Please consider donating to help Chief Tashka and his Yawanawa people safeguard their lands and ensure their future!


Chief Tashka’s immediate needs

Item Quantity $
Gasoline for boats 1,000 Liters 1500
Machetes 40 Units 500
Boots 20 Pairs 300
Sharpeners 20 Units 150
Tools (lima chata) 10 Units 50
Subtotal 2500
Administration – 10% 250
Total 2750
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