FORUM2021 Sacred Food ~ Blessed Earth

Interfaith Prayer Service 

ONLINE September 9, 2021 10am-2pm ET

An international gathering of powerful Indigenous and religious leaders, farmers, activists, organizers, scientists, doctors, scholars, musicians – all coming together to explore the ancient, respectful and regenerative ways of farming practices and our spiritual relationship to food by focusing on the Earth as an interconnected web of life.
In solidarity with other NGO’s offering a strong critique of the fall UN Food Summit, FORUM2021 explores the potential of local regenerative agriculture, highlights the growing organic farming movement and offers an interfaith moral call to redressing the harm caused by agribusiness, the industrialization of the world’s food production system.
FORUM2021 is a call to all spiritual and religious leaders and activists for a return to local, biodiverse organic food systems which regenerate soil, water and biodiversity while providing healthy sustenance for all.
A moral and spiritual voice is essential in the transition away from the industrialized, fossil fuel and chemical intensive, global agriculture system which is degrading our Earth, contributing to the climate crisis and to the extinction of species, as well as creating severe health issues for all living beings.

International Speakers, Prayer Contributors, Musicians presenting:

Rev. Jim Antal, Dr. Michael Bos, Rev. J. Elise Brown PhD, Imam Saffet Catovic, Samir Chatterjee, HE Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche, Steve Gorn, Edgar Hayes, Clayton Harvey, Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, Lyla June, Rev. Susan Hendershot, Prof. Ephraim Isaac, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Eda Zavala Lopez, Chief Oren Lyons, Kathryn Manga, The Marble Choir, Marble Community Gospel Choir, Dame Prof. Meher Master Moos, Dr. Daphne Miller, Shani Mink, Darcy Neill, Leah Penniman, Grandmother Mona Polacca, Ann Rader, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Pandit Shukla Ji, Adelita San Vicente Tello, Mary Evelyn Tucker PhD, Rev. Dr. John H. Vaughn, Chris Wang, Daniel Wanjama

Support local farmers, support your health, protect the Earth

Presented by the Temple of Understanding in collaboration with Marble Collegiate Church
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