Kehkashan Basu will be taking part in the “Intergenerational Wisdom and the Future of the Earth Community” panel at FORUM2020 coming up in a few weeks on Oct 16. Iconic youth leader, global influencer, environmentalist, champion of children’s rights, peace and sustainability campaigner, and passionate advocate of women’s rights, 19 year-old Kehkashan Basu is a trailblazer who has been challenging the status quo and social strictures which impede the progress of future generations. Winner of the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize, Kehkashan is a tireless advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals. She is a United Nations Human Rights Champion, the youngest ever Global Coordinator for the UN Environment Program’s Major Group for Children & Youth, a Climate Reality Mentor, TEDx speaker and the Founder President of social innovation enterprise Green Hope Foundation, which provides young people in 16 countries a networking platform to engage in the sustainable development process. Kehkashan is the recipient of the inaugural 2020 Voices Youth Award for Peace, 2019 Innovator of the Year Award, the John Muir Conservation Award for Habitat Restoration, the Energy Globe Award and the Turner Prize for Social Change. A powerful voice for future generations, she has spoken at over 155 United Nations and other global fora across 25 countries.

Please join us on Friday October 16 from 10am-1pm EST, for the free event focusing on the climate emergency. Watch a 3 min clip or the full length interview of our Temple of Understanding interview. Learn about the other speakers and about the FORUM20202 here.

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