Kia Fatahi

Greetings! My name is Kia Fatahi. 

I am a 20-year old undergraduate student at Fordham University where I am studying International Relations (specializing in Diplomacy) with a recent interest in Economics and Trade Development. As a boy who grew up in a Japanese household, I am most interested in how different cultures and an increase in globalization not only impacts the standards of living around the world but leads to a profound effect on cultural awareness. My degree programs not only encouraged me to study more about international studies but inspired me to do more than that. Having volunteered in several NGOs and humanitarian volunteer organizations in Spain and Japan, as well as studied in Italy, I strive to enhance my determination and knowledge about global challenges more than ever before. By being part of the Temple of Understanding, I hope to work my passion for helping third world countries by supporting the revitalization of local economic development while prioritizing effective peace and security.

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