Maria Helena Rey

I’m Maria Helena Rey. I am 18 years old, from Bogotá, Colombia, and studying Political Science in my hometown. I have grown in a country that despite the fact that it has been named as the happiest one on Earth has a long story of tragedy and injustice that, still today, has not yet been solved.

I am very interested in the post conflict process we are developing with the extinct FARC and look forward to helping build other peace processes with other groups. I believe that most of the conflicts, in Colombia and the world, have gravitated around the fact that we neither listen nor tolerate the other’s point of view. This, in the aftermath, takes millions of lives and dreams, and devastates societies. I see with great excitement my internship at the Temple of Understanding not only as a life experience but also as a source of learning the key aspects towards long-lasting peace for my country. I also find the accompaniment of the UN as an honor and privilege to pursue this purpose and, hopefully, as my first step towards working at it. I hope to learn about peacemaking initiatives, the repercussions of domestic conflicts in the international system’s stability, guarantees for the victims, and how peace could be the key to prosperity. My keen interest, hence, is in the area of peacemaking, women’s initiatives and ecological justice, the three interrelated, in the case study of the systematic assassinations of social leaders in Colombia since 2016. I hope this is my first step towards contributing to the world and honoring victims.

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