Listen to Rabbi David Rosen, who as  “AJC’s International Director of Interreligious Affairs, has been advancing understanding and good relations between religious communities for more than forty years –  from the time he served as rabbi of the largest Orthodox Jewish congregation in South Africa, during his tenure as Chief Rabbi of Ireland; and throughout the last more than thirty years based in Jerusalem.”

He has long been a faith-based environmental advocate passionate about our responsibility for our choices such as vegetarian diet, and now he speaks to our responsibility to the rainforests.

To paraphrase from the video, Love of God means love of others and love of creation.  All religions are responsible for care of creation, care of our environment.  There are consequences if we fail. Pollution and other environmental devastation, driven by unbridled greed, defy our divine imperative.  We are heading towards imminent catastrophe. We must preserve our global home.  We must combat the assault on the environment and on the vulnerable. Selfishness, greed, and apathy require a spiritual transformation led by religions. We must affirm our love and reverence for our creator and all of life.

Faiths for Forests has toolkits for the diverse religious traditions to move towards direct action. For example, Judaism: A toolkit on Forest Protection for Religious Leaders and Communities offers an opening reflection, talking points, prayers and meditations, and a lesson plan.

You can find toolkits for Bahai, Buddhism, Catholic, Evangelical, Hinduism, Islam, Protestant, online at
Faith for Forests.

Photo credit: @FaithsForForest

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