Via Our Voices: Bringing Faith to the Climate Talks:

We’re just 11 days away from Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust – the day of celebration, prayer and action for the world on June 12 – and things are really starting to take off. We already know of almost 100 events taking place around the world in 30 countries!

I’m getting in touch to ask if you and your organisation would be willing to lend your support to Sacred Earth by joining the Thunderclap and helping spread the message to millions around the world.

Click here to support the Sacred Earth 2016 Thunderclap (no longer available)

If you sign up to the Thunderclap, on June 12 we will all post this one-time message simultaneously: “Millions of people need 1.5°C to stay alive. Today, faiths around the world say protect our #SacredEarth2016.”

feature image: “Climate Change People’s March” by yijun_he is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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