Shrawan Kumar Sharma is the Nepal Associate of the USA-based organization, Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights, leading the Nepal campaign on the rights of Nature. He is a politics and conflict analyst, and has studied law and political science. For two decades, he has been working with communities, and national and regional political groups, to build sustainable democracy in Nepal. In the past he has worked on environmental rights, human rights, armed conflict resolution, and peace building. Now, Mr. Sharma is linking the peace movement with the new legal ideological movement of the rights of nature. He is the Executive Director of the Kathmandu-based NGO Center for Economic and Social Development (CESOD). In the last decades, he has accomplished several research studies on armed conflict and peace, human rights, tourism, agriculture, infrastructure development, democracy, community building, the environment and the impacts of armed conflict on the environment, as well as the consequences of the Maoist insurgency on wildlife, national conservation areas, and ecology. Mr. Sharma is author and co-author of a number of books. Nepal: State of the State is one of the widely read books authored and edited by him. He is also an author of books on human rights and peace, democracy, and the environment. Failed Negotiation: Challenges and Opportunity is one of the most famous books authored by Mr. Sharma; it systematically explores the causes of failed negotiation between Nepal’s government and the armed Maoist insurgency in 2002 Mr. Sharma is a columnist at the widely read online news portal "Onlinekhabar", Himal Press (Nepali and English), and Rising Nepal (daily broadsheet). He writes on the right of nature, environment, ecology, Himalayas and Himalayan glaciers, rivers, and the environment. He hosts a weekly television talk show on pressing issues of contemporary society and politics including ecology, melting Himalayas and Himalayan glaciers, climate change, and global warming.

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