The Essentials:
Food, Water, Women and Justice

Parallel Event for the 58th UN Commission on the Status of Women 2014
Wednesday, March 12th, 12:30-2pm
V-Hall of the Armenian Convention Center 630 2nd Ave, NYC

This solution-oriented session covers transformed paradigms as well as pragmatic solutions and applications, including local growing, permaculture, safe seeds and closing the circle. This program addresses work towards MDGs #1 and #7, ending hunger and protecting the environment. We can reframe agriculture as ecosystem, as is recommended in the recent UNCTAD report, “Wake Up Before it’s too Late.” This includes full cycle thinking, focus on safe seeds, and reframing waste as nutrient for the next cycle. The session focused on international perspectives from El Salvador and India, as well as US based efforts. Scale and distribution issues are prevalent, and solutions include diverse local and international initiatives.

  • Grove Harris – Convener; Temple of Understanding’s Food Initiative
  • Marta Benavides – Food Sovereignty: Insights on Global Food Justice, Case Study El Salvador
  • Dr. Pam Rajput – India: The Women’s Parliament and “What Women Want”
  • Nina Simons – The Nexus: Food, Water, Seed Control and Gender Justice
  • Jim Sniffen – UNEP’s ThinkEatSave Initiative to End Food Waste

Event Sponsors
Temple of Understanding
United Nations Environment Programme
Mining Working Group
Loretto Community
Medical Mission Sisters
Won Buddhism International
United Religions Initiative

feature image: Image by HP+ Project is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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