The Temple of Understanding is thrilled to be presenting four programs, collaborating on another, and having our representative to the UN speak at still two more programs at the upcoming Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, November 1-7, 2018.

Our first program on Friday features our colleagues at the United Nations, for a more nuanced conversation following our introductory program last Parliament.

This will be the second Parliament where we have worked to bring Dr. Vandana Shiva, with her prophetic wisdom combining science and activism towards earth democracy. Theologian Carol Christ writes that Vandana Shiva “is telling women to confront ‘deceitful, dishonest, brutal power.’ She is telling women to teach those who rule the world how to live with nature, how to share, how to care.” (Read more: A Prophet in Our Midst: Vandana Shiva by Carol P. Christ) Women, as the majority of farmers in the world, need access to land ownership to protect localized agriculture from the devastating impacts of industrial agriculture.

Programs featuring Vandana Shiva and other stellar speakers include:

  • Women of Faith Speak Out: Towards Resetting the Global Moral Compass, Saturday 2:15 pm, Room 718A
  • Vandana Shiva and Friends on Earth Democracy, Sunday 12:15 pm, Room 701A (collaboration with Dr. Kusumita Pederson of the Interfaith Center of New York)
  • Seeds and Seedlings: Agents of Change, Monday 2:15 pm, Room 701A

The TOU will also present:

Our UN Representative Grove Harris will speak during the following additional sessions:

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