Beyond “Sustainability”: Nourishment for Moving Forward

Excerpted from Grove’s article in the December issue:

I attended the 2012 UN convening in Rio de Janeiro, where Dr. Shiva spoke for the Temple of Understanding for the first time, beginning a trajectory of work with the faith community. I was on a panel myself and remember a young colleague’s point that all our talk of sustainability was off the mark. Sustainability is a concept to consider, set up standards to measure by, or maybe a societal goal to attain. But she reminded us that it is more useful to focus on what more viscerally sustains us. We cannot think our way into the future we need, but we can feel and embody that pathway. For this, we need to attend not only to what sustains us but what nourishes us. I’m told this is a feature of love; love is nourishing. Good company, good food, and hope are all nourishing. Good speakers and seeing new possibilities are nourishing. Guidelines that support our intuition and our hearts are nourishing.

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