Global Interfaith Prayer Service for the Earth Oct 17, 2020

The Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian Jr. is the Executive Director of the United Religions Initiative, (URI) a global grassroots interfaith peacebuilding organization with global offices in 21 countries supporting nearly 1,000 grassroots groups working in 108 countries and at the United Nations. URI is a global network working to cultivate peace and justice by engaging people of all beliefs and cultures to bridge differences, foster understanding, build relationships and work together on humanitarian issues for the good of their communities and the world. URI’s mission is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings. Defying the conventional wisdom that issues of poverty, conflict and violence are best engaged by organizations with a heavy central infrastructure, URI’s decentralized, network-based, light-framed, shared leadership organizational approach is giving people around the world the power to meet their challenges and build cohesive, connected and peaceful communities. Victor regularly leads training programs around the world on intercultural and interreligious dialogue, conflict transformation and peacebuilding, engaging diversity, social justice, community building and community organizing.

Join us online for a morning of prayers, affirmations and contemplations offered by Indigenous and world religious leaders and sacred music by renown international artists. Register Here

Watch a 3 min clip or the full length interview of our Temple of Understanding interview. Learn about the other speakers and about the FORUM20202 here.


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