Do You Know All Four of These Islamic Concepts?

The WorldPost asked five Muslims: What parts of Islam should more people know about? Click the image below to hear their answers.



Ten Inspiring Muslim Women Every Person Should Know

Do you know these amazing women? Click the image for a video about ten inspiring Muslim women that every person should know.




Fethullah Gulen calls Muslims to critically review their understanding of Islam

From an article posted in December 2015:

We must categorically condemn the ideology that terrorists propagate and instead promote a pluralistic mindset with clarity and confidence. After all, before our ethnic, national or religious identity comes our common humanity, which suffers a setback each time a barbaric act is committed. French citizens who lost their lives in Paris, Shiite Muslim Lebanese citizens who lost their lives in Beirut a day earlier and scores of Sunni Muslims in Iraq who lost their lives in the hands of the same terrorists are first and foremost human beings. Our civilization will not progress until we treat the suffering of humans regardless of their religious or ethnic identity as equally tragic in our empathy and respond with the same determination.


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Harvard Launches Free Online Class To Promote Religious Literacy

“[T]he increased circulation of the Quran due to the recent Paris attacks and rise of the Islamic State has not always helped people to better understand and respect the faith. If anything, fear and prejudice toward Islam has risen.

“This is one example of the ‘widespread illiteracy about religion that spans the globe,’ said Diane Moore, director of Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project to The Huffington Post.

“To combat this illiteracy, Moore and five other religion professors from Harvard University, Harvard Divinity School and Wellesley College are kicking off a free, online series on world religions open to the masses. The courses are being offered via an online learning platform called edX, which Harvard University launched with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012.”  Read more in The Huffington Post >>>