Youth Sharing Their Perspectives
on Climate and Conflict

Thursday, June 27, 2024  11am-12:30pm ET on Zoom

About this event:

This discussion will explore the profound impact of war on the environment, highlighting the devastation and long-term ecological damage caused by these conflicts.

Panelists in conversation will share their perspectives and personal experiences in Ukraine, Kenya, Sudan, and Palestine.

The issues of corruption as a catalyst and cause in the climate and conflict issue, the role of fossil fuels in fueling and sustaining wars, and the urgent need for integrating environmental protection into conflict resolution and international law.

Speakers will include:

Anna Bohushenko, Master of Earth Science, climate activist, policy and communications consultant.

Anna Bohushenko is a climate and renewable energy expert with extensive experience in policy development, research, and advocacy. She is currently a policy and communication consultant at the Helmholtz Centre in Berlin, where she advises government agencies and industry associations on energy and climate policy.

As a research fellow at the Environmental Institute in Berlin, she is involved in climate change risk assessments in the EU and research on resource efficiency.

Previously, Anna worked as an energy policy expert at the NGO Ecodia, where she campaigned and developed renewable energy strategies, and since 2019 she has been a climate justice activist and co-founder of the climate youth movement in Ukraine.

She holds a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the Odesa State Environmental University and has completed specialized training in negotiation and conflict resolution at the Harvard Kennedy School. Anna also represented Ukrainian youth at COP28, influencing international climate policy.


Stella Cherop, Master of Armed Conflict & Peace, Associate at the Africa Policy Institute, and member of the Policy Coordination Group at the Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG) to UNEP

Stella Cherop is a Climate Change advocate and a human interests discussant based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently an Associate at the Africa Policy Institute and a member of the Policy Coordination Group at the Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG) to UNEP. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nairobi.

Cherop is an ongoing postgraduate student at the same institution, pursuing a Master’s in Armed Conflict and Peace studies with a bias towards Armed Conflict and Ecosystems.

With over five years of experience in stakeholder engagement on matters of climate resilience, peace, and security, she brings the experience and perspectives of the global south particularly Kenya on climate-related conflicts.

Miss Cherop is a champion for local-global partnerships and believes that lived experiences should inform policy and solutions developed. She enjoys nature walks and is a proud fur parent to a cat named Fidel.

Roaa Dafaallah – Climate Activist and CEO & Founder of AfriClimActiv

Roaa, a climate activist with 6 years of experience, began her activism by founding FASEELA, a local environmental organization that educated over 7,000 students on environmental topics.

Roaa is an NSCJ, YALI and ToT alumni. She joined the UNFCCC Children & Youth constituency (YOUNGO) in 2021 and is now part of the Global Coordination Team. She is a member of the Middle East & North Africa Youth Network and the Arab Youth Green Voice Network.

Roaa has been invited to join high-level meetings by UN Environmental Program (UNEP), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and UN Climate Convention (UNFCCC), served as the Sudan LCOY/COY18 contact point, and delegate at COP28.

Roaa is CEO & Founder of a regional climate organization called AfriClimActiv. In 2024, she was selected as one of the planet’s changemakers.

Joe (Youssef) Jayyab, The Youngest Traveller in Palestine

Joe is an 18-year-old content maker from Gaza and the youngest backpacker in Palestine. Joe tries to change the stereotype about his country, Palestine, through videos to prove that its people deserve life.

He is also the youngest member of the first youth advisory committee in Palestine, funded by United Nations organizations, the European Union, and the Government of Denmark, and also the youngest ambassador to UNFPA, amongst the group of ambassadors for change.

Before October 7th, his content revolved around his adventures and tours in Palestinian cities and the difficulty of obtaining a passport. Since the beginning of the genocide, he mainly covers the war and displacement in Gaza, and shares memories of his beautiful home.


About your host, Flore Ghetti:

Based in Geneva, Flore works as Programme Coordinator at SGI OUNA. She has a Master’s degree in International Peace Studies at Soka University Japan.

Prior to that, she studied translation and Intercultural Communication and worked in a grassroots organisation for environmental education as a communication officer and project manager.

Flore likes to explore how the Arts, especially poetry, can serve social justice, and the relationship between Leadership Development and a Culture of Peace.

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