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Abigail Marcolini

Hello, my name is Abigail Marcolini! I am currently nineteen years old and anticipating my upcoming sophomore year at UC Berkeley, originally hailing from the desert landscape of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Throughout my pre-college years, I had nestled myself in small communities of young activists who had instilled within me the importance of being knowledgeable about the ever-changing world, including the injustices that continually divide and stifle. One such injustice that encourages me is the complex yet ubiquitous prevalence of gender inequality; as such, I have dedicated myself to being an active member of groups that either serve women in need or bring women on campus together under a common interest. Furthermore, my prowess for scientific research and empiricism has shaped my interests within the realm of women’s justice into one that strives to make tangible change through gynecological and sexual health-related initiatives. Due to the disproportionate distribution of adequate and accessible reproductive health services that exist within the developing sphere, I was initially drawn to the United Nations, a place where I could have the unique opportunity to first-handedly experience the reality of change on the international level – an experience I am eager to carry with me to all future pursuits.


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