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Hi! I’m Bora, an 18-year-old from Istanbul, Turkey. Although currently I am a high school senior, this fall I will be a freshman at Georgetown studying International Politics.

Having grown up in a multicultural society as diverse as Turkey is what drove me to apply to this program, in addition to the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how different cultures interact around the world and to learn how to form constructive relationships that are built on common values of understanding and tolerance. Last year, I had the chance to participate in an NGO Oy ve Otesi, which coordinates volunteers to observe elections. Thus, the issue I am most interested in is electoral integrity; a major problem many countries, including mine, face nowadays is maintaining the integrity of their electoral system against actors seeking to disrupt them both domestic and foreign. History has shown that only through a democratic system, in which the people trust, can we ensure a peaceful coexistence between people with different ideologies, beliefs, and ethnicities; therefore, researching this issue is paramount, in my opinion. I look forward to using what I learn in devising international policy as a diplomat in the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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