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This CSW66 Parallel event, on Monday, March 21st at Noon ET, was led by Native American women to discuss survival and relationship to the natural world

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Discernment will be towards the science, values, principles, and actions to address the climate emergency. We cannot fall for false climate solutions that do not respect the science, scale, and relational nature of ecosystems.

The destructiveness of extractivism will be a focal point, whether we are considering the impacts of mining for metal or oil, or plans for excessive harvesting. The role of allies will also be addressed, towards building understanding and right action.

Jamie Bissonette Lewey (Director, nkawadzowôgan: A Center for Healing and Transformation, Maine) will moderate and bring out diverse Native perspectives for contemplation and action.


Theresa Dardar, a member of the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe will speak to the vulnerability of her small community in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, one of the most fragile coastal areas in the world.  Climate change-induced storm disasters, extractive mining’s impacts, and sea-level rise impact her tribe and their land devastatingly, including forcing migration. She is the president of the Lowlander Center, which hosts a phenomenal website presenting the issues their methodologies, and range of efforts. Please learn about land loss and opportunities to take action.

Marine Scientist Robin Hadlock Seeley of Maine will speak on her decades of scientific work on local seaweed, including the study of the safe limits to harvesting, rather than proposed extensive removal under the guise of climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. She will also report on actions to stop a silver mine poised to endanger the coast.

Dr. Riki Ott is a marine toxicologist and former Alaska commercial fisher ma’am who found her Path and Voice during the transformative crucible of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Accomplished in civic activism and grassroots engagement, she inspires youth and adults with accessible, science- and civics-based trainings, and with Stories, to engage people in working together towards a healthy democracy and a healthy energy future. Dr. Riki Ott currently directs two projects through Earth Island Institute: The ALERT Project and Ultimate Civics.

Speaker on the successful Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3- Nation Alliance, TBD

Co-sponsors include:

United Religions Initiative



UN Committee on the Rights of Indigenous People



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