“COP28: A New Era in Climate Action Globally?”

Thursday Jan 18, 2024, Thursday 11am – 12 noon ET

  • Nana Firman, Senior Ambassador, GreenFaith
  • Rev Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, GreenFaith
  • Karen Mapusua, Director Land Resources Division, Pacific Community & President, IFOAM Organics International
  • Lucy Plummer, National Youth Faith Leader (UK) and Youth Engagement Coordinator (International), Soka Gakkai International (SGI)
  • Lauren Van Ham, United Religions Initiative, Climate Action Coordinator

At last year’s COP28 in the United Arab Emirates, the President of the UN negotiations, who is also the CEO of the UAE’s national oil company, claimed that there is “no science” behind demands for a fossil fuel phaseout. This year there were four times more delegates of the fossil fuel industry than last year.

Members of GreenFaith, IFOAM Organics International, and Soka Gakkai International attended the Dubai COP28 in person and will be in dialogue with their colleagues from GreenFaith and URI, who were reporting daily on the events. 

Was COP28 successful in delivering what GreenFaith and other Interfaith and Organic organizations were demanding – a verifiable, enforceable agreement about phasing out fossil fuels; funding committed for universal access to clean, safe, affordable, reliable energy and loss and damage funds committed at scale by the countries responsible for the emissions causing the climate crisis?

Join us for the live dialogue with Q & A

More about our speakers:

Nana Firman has about two decades of experience working with advocacy and awareness-raising on environmental degradation and climate crisis issues, advocating urban sustainability for a better future, and developing green economy concepts and strategies. Previously, Nana directed WWF’s “Green Reconstruction” efforts during post-tsunami recovery in her native home, Indonesia, and later she has been involved in developing the “Green Initiative” within the Islamic Society of North America. In 2015, she organized the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change which calls on all Muslim nations to transition from fossil fuel to clean-energy-based development. She believes that environmental degradation and climate change can unite the world community to face the challenges with a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental justice for all people. Nana is currently a Senior Ambassador for GreenFaith, an international, grassroots, multi-faith, and spiritual environment and climate action network.

Fletcher Harper is a pioneer of the global religious environmental movement. He has helped spearhead the faith-based fossil fuel divestment movement, mobilized tens of thousands of people of faith for climate marches and public actions, and built GreenFaith from a New Jersey-focused group into a global organization. He co-founded Shine, an international campaign that brings religious leaders together to achieve universal access to clean energy, and the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative.

Karen Mapusua is President of IFOAM Organics International, the global umbrella body for the organic agriculture movement, and Director of the Land Resources Division of the Pacific Community, which provides technical and scientific support for the Pacific countries and territories on all aspects of agriculture and forestry. Karen has been extensively involved in promoting Pacific food systems for improved health, nutrition, and resilience outcomes and has been active in promoting the economic empowerment of women through agricultural value chains. She also supports Pacific nations in negotiating the agriculture workstream in the UNFCCC process. Karen has experience in NGO capacity building and management and has worked in rural development in the Pacific Region for 25 years with a focus on organic agriculture as a path to social and economic development and climate resilience. Previously, she served on the Board of Directors of Fairtrade Australia New Zealand. She is a national of Samoa and Australia.

Lucy Plummer has worked professionally with and for youth in various roles at the grassroots, national, and international levels for more than a decade. Lucy has a Bachelor’s in Youth Studies and a Master’s in Sustainable Development, focusing on young people’s engagement with the UN SDGs. Lucy has co-ordinated numerous youth engagement groups and projects on behalf of institutions and NGOs, including faith-based organizations and UN offices. Lucy is an advocate for youth inclusion at the UN and plays an active role in advancing young people’s inclusion in climate processes as a member of the UNFCCC children and youth constituency group, YOUNGO. 

Lauren Van Ham is an interfaith minister and has served as a chaplain in both healthcare and corporate settings and as seminary Dean at The Chaplaincy Institute. Her passion for spirituality, art, and Earth’s teachings construct her focus on eco-ministry, grief and loss, and sacred activism. She is a guest writer for “Progressing Spirit,” an online publication exploring theology, spirituality, and current events. Lauren is a spiritual director, guest faculty for several schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently serves as Climate Action Coordinator for the United Religions Initiative (URI).

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