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The Food Crisis in Kenya is a World Crisis

Discussion with Patricia Kombo, Founder of PaTree Initiative, Kenya, and Len Morris, American documentary filmmaker, lecturer and advocate for children’s human rights, and Daniel Wanjama, Coordinator, Seed Savers Network, Kenya, with Darcy Neill, TOU Board member moderating. 

About our speakers:

Patricia Kombo is a passionate environmentalist, founder PaTree Initiative, United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Land Hero, All Africa Conference of Churches Youth Climate Envoy,2021 youth of the year in Environment category, healthy Soils advocate and an adaptation scholar at the University of Nairobi. Besides championing for climate change, she advocates for sustainable land use through the use of indigenous knowledge and practices with an aim of ending hunger, malnutrition and poverty in rural communities. 

Patricia’s Panel starts at 59:29

Len Morris is the Editorial Director of Media Voices for Children, a documentary filmmaker, lecturer and advocate for children’s human rights. In 2012, he was the recipient of The Iqbal Masih Award from the U.S. Department of Labor for his “extraordinary efforts to end the worst forms of child labor.” Len’s work has been shown at the US Department of Labor, The World Bank, the US State Department, USAID and on dozens of college campuses. He is the director/producer of four previous child rights documentaries, Stolen Childhoods, Rescuing Emmanuel, The Same Heart and Children of Bal Ashram.

Daniel Wanjama, Coordinator, Seed Savers Network, Kenya. Wanjama is the coordinator and a steering committee member of the Global Open Source Seed System Initiative (GOSSI). He is also a council member of the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers’ Organizations (INOFO).

“I grew up in rural Kenya where everyone in the village was a small scale farmer. Childhood hunger triggered my interest to study agriculture later. I have close to 20 years’ experience providing advisory services to small scale farmers on seeds and agroecology. I founded the Seed Network in Kenya 10 years ago and my interaction with traditional seed keepers has made me a convert of seed systems managed by farmers. I follow the Agikuyu traditional spiritual practice. We believe a seed is life and life comes from God and that seeds should be commonly accessible to all and that no one should have exclusive rights over seeds.  I consider the current practice of patenting seeds evil.”

Moderator: Darcy Neill, Temple of Understanding Board Member and a native New Yorker, has been involved in leadership training and team building for decades, alternating between the public and private sectors in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America. International assignments have included Peace Corps Country Director in Morocco, Thailand and Jordan and (much earlier) as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gabon and Senegal. In recent years, her passion has been on girls education, environmental issues, and refugee resettlement, all with a next generation perspective. In her consulting practice, primary clients are international/intercultural organizations working to be their most effective in diverse markets. Darcy is a Member of the Board of Trustees and a UN Rep for The Temple of Understanding with primary involvement with TOU’s youth intern program.

ECO JUSTICE FOR ALL interviews and dialogues are ongoing programs produced by the Temple of Understanding, incorporating our outreach in the area of environmental awareness and advocacy. We present a diverse range of perspectives, from scientific to spiritual views, on the climate emergency and offer a variety of solutions that we can all do easily and effectively in our everyday lives. World religious and spiritual visionaries, Indigenous leaders, scientists and social scientists, environmental activists, artists, musicians and writers, youth and elders, local and global people, all come together to address the urgency of the climate crisis through these ongoing interviews and dialogues.

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