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Rufus Roby Mathew

Hello! My name is Rufus Roby Mathew, and I am a 20-year-old third culture kid. My parents are from India, but I was born and raised on the small beautiful island nation Bahrain.

The melting pot culture and traditions in Bahrain instilled a deep awe for different cultures and languages in me from the beginning. I will never forget the day or the teacher in high school who first introduced me to the United Nations. I was fascinated to learn about international affairs and the vast interlinks between nations and people all over the world through trade and diplomacy. I was really blessed to have the opportunity to talk and engage with diplomats and other civil service officials from different nations, and I have gained valuable insight on writing foreign policy, the history of trade agreements, and political repercussions of diplomacy. All of this instilled in me  a deep need for knowledge and hands-on experiences. During my time at the UN, I want to research more about conflict resolutions specifically international water and land rights. Interning at the UN puts me in the frontline of today’s challenges and in the presence of chief diplomats. I hope to learn from them and challenge myself to brainstorm ideas about today’s problems and tomorrow’s answers.


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