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Sofia Kwon

Hi! My name is Sofia Kwon, and I am from West Orange, New Jersey. I just graduated high school, and I will be an incoming freshman at Columbia University next fall.

What led me to the Temple of Understanding Internship Program at the UN was, fundamentally, a profound interest in social activism, which began with my introduction to feminism and women’s rights in middle school and transformed into a deep passion for justice, equity, and equality on all fronts. Through experiences such as joining my school’s Diversity Council, attending the Brown University Leadership Institute, attending several diversity conferences, and founding two diversity groups at my school, I learned and continue to learn about how to be a better feminist, ally, and activist. What brought me to the Temple of Understanding Internship Program at the UN was the belief that the program would bring me a new perspective, in particular a larger, more global perspective, that would help me enormously in my own personal journey to enact change. I am particularly passionate about women’s rights, especially women’s access to education, and I hope that through this program I will be able to dive into this area more closely. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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