The Pope and the Climate Crisis: Mobilizing 1.3 Billion Catholics to Address the Climate Emergency

A dialogue about Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’ with leaders from the LS Movement from around the world (Brazil, Honduras, Kenya, Philippines, Poland, USA)

The Laudato Si Movement aims to inspire and mobilize the Catholic community to care for our common home and achieve climate and ecological justice, in collaboration with all people of good will. 

Laudato Si Movement leaders from around the world will be discussing their regional efforts as well as their successes and challenges in bringing Laudato Si to life in their communities.

  • Piotr Abramczyk, Director at LSM Poland – Światowy Ruch Katolików na rzecz Środowiska, Warsaw, Poland
  • Cheryl Dugan, Programs Manager-Asia Pacific, Manila, Philippines 
  • Luke Henkel, Programs Coordinator, North America, Chicago, USA
  • Regina Luján – Community Manager and Content Creator, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Piotr Abramczyk, Director at LSM Poland – Światowy Ruch Katolików na rzecz Środowiska, Warsaw, Poland. Graduated from the University of Reading, Piotr is a professional meteorologist with a special interest in climate change. Bringing together the scientific knowledge with a passion for integral ecology as taught by the Catholic Church, he works towards greater involvement of faith communities in the care for our common home. Piotr leads the work of the Polish branch of Laudato Si Movement.

Cheryl Dugan serves as  Programs Manager for Asia-Pacific at the Laudato Si’ Movement. Her professional journey is deeply rooted in a fervent commitment to empowering people and communities. Previously, Cheryl collaborated with international non-governmental organizations, focusing on advancing the rights and protection of children in Asia. In her current role, Cheryl leads the campaigns and programs for the Laudato Si’ Movement in Asia and Oceania.  She actively supports grassroots leaders as they collectively pursue the movement’s overarching mission. Cheryl finds profound gratitude in her work with the movement, recognizing it as an opportunity to nurture others in their roles as change-makers and leaders. Through her efforts, she actively contributes to addressing one of the most critical issues of our time – the challenges posed by climate change and the ecological crisis. Her dedication reflects a genuine desire to create meaningful change in the face of these pressing global concerns.

Luke Henkel is the Laudato Si Movement programs coordinator for North America. He began his environmental career in the Philippines, after experiencing firsthand the profound truth in Laudato Si that all things are interconnected, that the poverty and pollution in Manila’s vast garbage dump neighborhoods were related to the climate crisis. His work since then has taken him to many frontline communities around the world, from Indigenous communities in the mountainous southern Philippines to Hispanic communities in southwest Chicago. A Catholic Buddhist (or maybe a Buddhist Catholic), Luke’s spiritual roots are deep and his work towards justice is lifelong. Luke currently works as a community organizer and mobilizer of Catholics around the US, focusing on smaller, underserved/lesser resourced diocese where Laudato Si is largely unknown.

Regina Luján is Community Manager and Content Creator and part of the LSM communications team in Honduras. Regina studied Tourism Business Administration, and obtained a certificate in Fundamentals of Climate Change Management. She is a Climate Reality Leader as well as a Laudato Si Animator. Regina was responsible for Social Media and Communications for the Honduras chapter for two years. Her passion lies in Sustainable Tourism and the care of our Common Home.

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