May there be peace.

We come together, in prayer for the Earth. 

We gather with one mind, with one heart to ask for help in our time of need. Give us the wisdom to recognize the blessings we have been given, and become true stewards of our Earth. 

Help us to create a flourishing sustainable life together on our common home. 

Teach us acts of compassion, wisdom and humility to create a world which speaks through environmental justice – so our children’s children will be grateful that we have taken responsibility for all forms of injustice here and now.  

We celebrate the inherent freedom all of people through respect, tolerance and loving kindness.

Help us recognize our ignorance and confusion, that it be dissolved and that we see with the clear light of our common human ground.   

May there be peace.

Help us listen to the age old, tried and true wisdoms of our Indigenous Peoples and our ancestors.

Help us to hold and cherish a shared reverence for life on earth, and all things created therein. 

Every breath of clean air we take, is a blessing

Every morsel of food we eat, is a blessing

Every drop of pure water we drink, is a blessing

Help us to do our part to restore the soil, clean the air, the rivers and oceans

Help us to work together to reverse the effects of climate change, to bring an end to hunger and poverty through the awareness of our intimate interconnection to each other in order to effect change through creativity, resourcefulness, and the great strength of our common spiritual values. 

We pray for the courage, strength and wisdom to embrace the transformation to a new way of living in harmony with each other, all creatures and with our living planet, Mother Earth. 

May there be peace. 

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